Fleet Management

Budget Forklifts can manage your lifting and materials handling fleet Australia-wide. Whether comprised of new, leased or used forklifts, we keep your fleet operational and can tailor management packages to your requirements.

We can reduce your fleet operating costs by up to 30 percent depending on your package, and offer a range of features to control and monitor your vehicles (new, leased or used forklifts) in real-time.

We use the Yale Forklifts innovative Tel-Sys fleet management system offering advanced technology, choice of components, flexibility, detailed reporting and operator safety controls, among other features.


The Yale Forklifts Tel-Sys fleet management system includes:

  • Access Control - A card reader / keypad ensures that only authorised and accredited drivers may operate the equipment. Yale forklifts have been designed to integrate with leading access control formats using proximity and magnetic technologies.
  • Impact Detection - An impact sensor can detect severe deceleration which occurs when mobile equipment hits objects in the workplace, such as bollards, racking and other equipment. Impacts are detected and key information is logged, including Operator ID, time/date and direction and level of impact detected (in G's).
  • Interface Module - A screen offers a variety of operator feedback features, such as pre-start checklists, speed readout, weight indication, impact information and overspeed/overload/seatbelt warnings. Pre-start checklists can be programmed to request checks for every shift, every new operator, every 12/24 hours, or it is able to be customised to suit site requirements. With reporting features, the system combines to give a full paperless checklist process.
  • Digital Weight Indicator - A hydraulic sensor or load cell can be integrated into the interface to provide real time feedback of laden mass, and provide cumulative totals. A capacity limit can also be entered to warn the operator if it is exceeded.
  • Speed Control - Both Pedal Interface and By-Wire Modular systems are designed to seamlessly interface with existing telemetry and power train systems. True speed limiting is achieved without reducing the operational functions of the vehicle, independent of load, incline or gear position.
  • Lift Height Accessory – This monitors the fork tyne height and can reduce maximum speed dependent on the position of the tynes.
  • Reporting Features – A number of reporting packages are available including accounts, speed and traffic management.

Rely on Budget Forklifts

You can rely on Budget’s experience and Yale Forklifts’ revolutionary technology to provide exceptional fleet monitoring and management, reducing administration time and operating costs while offering the flexibility to fit your business practices.

Call us today on 13 23 20 to discuss the Yale Forklifts Tel-Sys fleet management system or how we can save you time and money with Budget fleet management.